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Camp Hero for Girls

Green County EMS Commission
Emergency Medical Service Commission Committee

Hands Only CPR

Journal of Emergency Medical Services

Monroe Fire Department
The Monroe Fire Department is a an ISO class 3 department meaning that we are rated in the top 4% of fire departments nationwide. The average response time for us to respond to emergency calls in the City is 5 minutes, 9 seconds (2005 data).

Monroe Police Department
"C.O.P.S. and Community, Problem Solving Partners"

The Wisconsin EMS Association
The Wisconsin EMS Association represents and supports the views and interests of our membership in Wisconsin communities by promoting education, sharing information and facilitating legislative action.

Virtual Museum
The National EMS Museum is dedicated to memorializing and commemorating the history of EMS and the individuals and organizations that provide emergency care to the sick and injured.

Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services
A quality Emergency Medical Services system reduces both the human suffering and economic loss to society from the premature death and disability resulting from accidents or sudden illness. Wisconsin EMS is dedicated to developing and maintaining that EMS delivery system, ensuring that a uniform quality and standard of pre-hospital emergency medical care is available to everyone in the State of Wisconsin.
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